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Maintaining Your Commercial Parking Lot

Your parking lot says a lot about your business and can impact the way potential clients view your company. Many times, your parking lot is the first impression that someone sees when they visit your property. If your lot is well-kept and in great condition, people will know that you are a company that cares about the details. A well-maintained lot will leave a wonderful impression on every visitor.

At ASAP Asphalt & Concrete Inc., we offer a variety of maintenance services to keep your parking lot looking great and ensure that it is safe for everyone. From making eye-catching lot markings that direct drivers to correcting cracks, our team of professionals has a number of tools at our disposal to keep your parking lot in peak condition. Reach out to us today to discuss the best ways to improve your lot.

Sealing Small & Large Cracks

One of the most common issues that you see with parking lots is cracked asphalt. This can be caused by plants growing under the lot or by freezing temperatures that we see every year in Colorado. These cracks are inevitable. When they pop up, we can return the asphalt to like-new condition. Sealing these cracks will make the parking lot safer for pedestrians, and it will reduce wear-and-tear to cars that use the lot.

Seal Coating for Longevity

In addition to correcting cracks, we can help you prevent them by offering seal coating. Our seal coating is a special proprietary formula that is applied on top of your parking lot. It protects against UV damage, water, and even oil from automobiles. The best part about seal coating is that it prevents more than just cracks. It can reduce the occurrence of potholes, discoloration, and other forms of damage.

By applying this every two to three years, you can extend the life of your asphalt, making it a better investment.

Refreshing Your Parking Lot Markings

Once your seal coating is applied, you will also need new markings throughout your lot. This is the perfect finishing touch, leaving you with a crisp, clean look that will make it easier for drivers to navigate. Our team will ensure that all parking spots are clearly outlined, and all crosswalks are highlighted for pedestrians and drivers.

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