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Keeping Your Concrete Looking Great

The concrete around your property was designed to last for decades, but if it is not well cared for, it will crumble a lot sooner. At ASAP Asphalt & Concrete Inc. we offer a number of concrete maintenance services to clients throughout the Denver, CO, area. With our help, your sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots will stand the test of time.

Maintenance Plans for Sidewalks

The sidewalks around your property handle a lot of foot traffic. While your sidewalks may have looked great when it was first installed, it can quickly become uneven or cracked, making it a hazard to pedestrians. Our team of professionals is here to help. We have the know-how and maintenance skills to ensure that your sidewalks are even and smooth. We also offer crack repair to correct damage and water mitigation to reduce the chance of future damage.

Repairing Cracks in Concrete

While concrete is an incredibly durable building material, it is not 100% perfect. Over time, you may start to see cracks and other forms of damage. It is critical that you fill and seal these cracks as quickly as possible because they have a tendency to spread. This means that your small, ugly crack can turn into a huge crack that impacts the integrity of your concrete.

At ASAP Asphalt & Concrete Inc., we have the know-how to ensure that these cracks are repaired quickly and efficiently. We start the process by preparing the crack, which usually involves going over the crack with a hammer and chisel, as well as a wire brush, ensuring that there are no loose pebbles or particles. If there are any crumbling or loose pieces of concrete in the crack, it can impact the effectiveness of the sealant. Once the area is completely clean, we fill the crack with a flexible compound that will shrink and expand with the concrete. This will leave you with a sturdy repair that will last through any temperature and humidity changes.

Creating Custom Stair Treads

Custom stair tread is a great way to add visual appeal to your interior and exterior stairs. Additionally, it adds a layer of safety. By increasing the texture of the surface, stair treads decrease the chance of someone slipping and falling down the stairs. In addition to installing a stair tread, our team offers a variety of repair and maintenance services to keep your customized tread looking great. So when your design starts to show signs of wear, give us a call. We will have it looking like new in no time.

Water Mitigation & Management

One of the biggest threats to your property is one that you may not think about. Rain and snow can cause soil erosion that puts your foundation at risk. Business owners should always take this into consideration when planning hardscapes. At ASAP Asphalt & Concrete Inc., our team of professionals knows how to best handle runoff and groundwater. We have the know-how to design and install gutters and drains that will direct water away from your building, ensuring that your home, storefront, or office building will last for years to come.

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