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Maintaining & Repairing Asphalt

Your asphalt surfaces started out perfect, but over the course of several years, you have probably noticed chips, cracks, potholes, and more. When it comes to repairing these issues, ASAP Asphalt & Concrete Inc. offers a variety of options to clients throughout the Denver, CO, area. From cost-effective, speedy patching to extensive removal and replacement services, we have the perfect repair plan for your problems. We are happy to come out and evaluate the damage you are seeing and give our recommendations for which type of repair will work best for you.

Using Infrared Patching for Quick Repairs

If you are seeing chips, surface deterioration, or areas of depression, our infrared patching services are perfect for you. Infrared patching is an innovative technique that allows us to seamlessly repair surface damage. By using specialized equipment, we infrared heat the existing asphalt. We also heat the new paving material to similar temperatures.

By heating the existing and new asphalt, we are able to create a joint-free patch. This process is quick, usually taking less than 30 minutes, and it is cost-effective when compared to traditional patching methods.

An Excellent Alternative: Asphalt Overlays

For those who are working with a tighter budget or those who don’t want to go through an extensive construction process, an asphalt overlay may be a great alternative. This is a paving method where we add a new layer of asphalt to the existing surface. This service still gives you a clean finished product that increases the stability and durability of your asphalt surface, but it eliminates the need for heavy demolition and reduces the overall time of the project.

Our overlay service is completely dependent on the condition of your existing asphalt. To ensure that an asphalt overlay is right for you, please contact us today to discuss an assessment.

Removing & Replacing Worn Asphalt

When your asphalt is beyond repair or patching, our company offers replacement services. Our team of professionals will break-up the existing asphalt and remove it from your property. We will take the time to ensure that the soil is solidly compacted, giving your asphalt a sturdy foundation, which prevents cracking and sinkage. Then, we will mix new asphalt and replace what was there. By the time we are done, your asphalt area will look amazing and be ready for any amount of traffic.

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