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Ensuring Your Property Is In Compliance with ADA Regulations

No matter who is coming to your property, you want to be sure that they are safe throughout their stay. With this thought in mind, ASAP Asphalt & Concrete Inc. offers several services to ensure that your parking lot and sidewalks are ADA compliant. You don’t take safety lightly, and neither do we.

Making Your Property More Accessible

Every patron should be able to visit your storefront or office without having to worry about making it to the front door. Your property should be easy to navigate for people of all ability levels. And we are here to help with that. We are familiar with the majority of ADA regulations and can offer guidance on what your property needs most, including curb ramps, truncated domes, and more.

Curb Ramps

If there is an elevated sidewalk on your property, you may need a curb ramp installed to ensure compliance with ADA regulations. We offer installation services, and if you already have these but they are damaged or worn, we can help repair any damage. Additionally with our maintenance services, we can keep your curb ramps looking great. When we are done with our work, people with limited mobility will have no problems getting from their car to your front door.

Access Ramps & Ramp Landings

There are a lot of stipulations surrounding access ramps and ramp landings, but our team is incredibly knowledgeable about these regulations. We can design and install one that fits all requirements for length and width. When you start to see wear and tear on your ramps, our crew can offer maintenance services to ensure that your ramps continue to be usable.

Helping with Handrails

In addition to maintaining the ramps around your property, we can help you better understand where you need handrails. This could make a huge difference to your visitors, so it is critical that they are in the right places. Our team of professionals have a great understanding of where and when to include these and can give you pointers to ensure that you stay within compliance.

Truncated Domes

To assist those individuals with visual impairments, the ADA requires truncated domes, which are paved areas that have a specific texture. These indicate the beginning or end of a ramp. Because these are located in such high traffic areas, the texture can become worn or flattened very quickly. Not only can we install these, but we have maintenance plans to keep these functional for a long time.

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